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I.N.V.U. Withdrawls! [Dec. 13th, 2004|10:30 pm]
The FOTL ^_^


Alright guys! TLML (The Locker Manga Library) update!

Almost all of us have read the angsty beauty of a manga that is I.N.V.U. We've suffered with the girls, fell in love with the guys, and were on the edge of our seats almost all the way through... But then, the terrible happened. That's right, Volume 3 ended, and 4 didn't come out. Days passed, then weeks, then months - for me, it's been almost a year almost. Still, we have hope.

Well guys, here are, it seems to be, the answer to the problem, brought about by girls who were wondering the same thing as us - What happened to the Innocent, Nice, Vivid, and Unique manga we all know all love?